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Licensing, Permitting & Regulatory Capabilities

FLA can manage your licensing needs to minimize delays and let you focus on your business. We help restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, grocers, food halls, wine bars and many more businesses open their doors.

Our clients partner with us to handle alcohol licensing and related permitting at the local, state and federal levels and in all three tiers of the alcohol industry.  Our services include alcohol licensing, local permitting, business tax licensing, food and health related approvals, zoning approvals and more.

Our Services...

Alcohol Licensing

Our team has successfully licensed hundreds of sites across Florida and can offer assistance with any state of Florida license through the Division of Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco, including the following license types:

1APS, 1COP, 2APS, 2COP, 3PS, 3APS, 3BPS, 3CPS, 3DPS 4COP, 5COP, 6COP, 7COP, 8COP, all 4COP licensures, 11C, 11CG, 11CS, 11AL, GC, ODP/SSL, 13CT, CDW, CDA, TWD.

We also help breweries, brewpubs & distilleries obtain the required licensure through the federal TTB (Alcohol & Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau).

Local Approvals

Obtaining a Florida alcohol license requires local zoning approval. Many cities and counties across Florida may require a special local application, change of use or even a rezoning in connection with your business use. We have worked with clients and local governments all across the state of Florida to understand which additional local steps that may be necessary for your project.

Building Permits

If you are struggling to overcome building permit challenges, we can help. Our team has deep experience in interfacing with local governments, engineers and architects to problem-solve and help carry your project to the finish line.

Food, Hotel & Health Licensure

If your business plans to serve food, licensure through the State of Florida should be on your radar. For example, food service as a permanent establishment requires licensure through the Division of Hotels & Restaurants, while other food service licensure may happen through the Department of Health or Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. We can help you identify the appropriate type of license for your food service and obtain your license. We also help hotels and other regulated users in the processing of state permits necessary for operation.

Local Business Tax Receipts & Department of Revenue

If you need help setting up your local business tax receipt with any county or city in the state of Florida, FLA can help. We also offer assistance in setting up your Department of Revenue account for sales and use taxes.

Medical Marijuana

FLA can assist with your Florida medical marijuana licensing needs. Our experience includes representation for one of the largest medical marijuana dispensaries in the country in monitoring Florida local and state regulations affecting potential medical marijuana site selection. This area of licensure is new and evolving in Florida, and FLA is well-equipped to assist with your needs.


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